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Is your grazing business providing you with more than just a job?

Grazing businesses require a lot of capital and labour.

Is yours providing you with sufficient returns given the capital and time you invest in it... or is it just providing you with a job?

Successful grazing businesses are generating sufficient profits to reward their owners for both their capital investment in the business and their efforts in running the business. This puts these businesses in a position to be able Growing the business skills and financial literacy of your management team is the starting point to improved financial performance.

What will you take home from The Business EDGE?

During the two days of The Business EDGE you will acquire the knowledge and skills to...

  • Determine if all the family needs and aspirations can be funded by the business
  • Prepare and understand key financial information on your business
  • Assess and manage agricultural business risk
  • Understand and manage enterprise performance, including understanding what the key profit drivers are, how to influence them and what effect they have on overall business performance.
    And much more …

Comprehensive course notes are provided, along with decision support spreadsheet tools to help you apply the material to your business. Follow up is available to all participants.

"What attendees have said…"

Our presenters...

“Very knowledgeable but able to break it down so it was easy to understand” Rockhampton

“Practical and easy to relate to” Mount Isa

“Very good knowledge & delivery. Plenty of time made to detour and answer questions” Dalby

“Presenters know the content extremely well and deliver well” Roma

“Excellent delivery with the ability to engage and hold participants attention” Cloncurry

Benefits in terms of time and money invested in attending...

“Definitely value for money going forward with our business plans” Townsville

“Very good investment in the future for myself as an employee and very beneficial to my employers” Hughenden

“Well & truly worth the investment of time and money” Mount Isa

“Good, relatively small investment considering the benefits that could be achieved” Charters Towers

“A good investment” Toowoomba

for more information or to discuss the Business EDGE workshop contact Ian McLean This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0401 118 191 or Joanne Herley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0427 118 699



Business Analyser

... an essential tool for profit-driven businesses.

It will give you an understanding of how your business is performing and how that performance compares to others in your industry.

The Business Analyser will allow you to make, with confidence, informed decisions on the future management of your business.

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